Back on the road again

For those who know my eldest boy, you’ll be pleased to hear he is fully mobile again and a danger to the road going public!
new kmx1c.jpg
The wonderful people at KMX have built him a Kart that’s specific to him, and he is out and about registering only as a blur and a smile as he goes past. He is actually a fantastic KMX pilot and rides with a control that defies his Cerebral Palsy, it’s incredible to watch. It’s also fab to see him treated as an equal up at the Skateboard ramps within the mad melee of boarders, skaters and BMXers.
new kmx2b.jpgWhat’s been really great is that other than riding a recumbent he’d be on a special needs tricycle which are usually heavy, no fun, produce way too much friction, have the aesthetic qualities of a power station and are less cool than white socks and sandals! I’m hoping that we’ll be able to help KMX be better known in the world of special needs cycles.
This new KMX is also big enough for me to ride (just extend the boom) and I had great fun riding it to a meeting in Town the other day, it scares Motorists to see a low and fast projectile on the road …. I was given a lot of space!