Back at the desk

Aha, I’m back and ready for a full week of blogging and doing the ‘Diocesan Youth Adviser thing!’ Camp was fantastic and I have so many great memories of a fab’ week with an awesome bunch of young people and a wonderful team.
lifegurd smll.jpgIt was very weird for me not being the speaker or main leader but I got a real kick out of leading a group, driving a bus and being the Lifeguard blokey.
Thankfully I only had to use my pro-active Lifeguarding and not any reactive ones. As ever I had fun creating bizarre rules alongside the usual ones,* The one that seems have been the most enjoyed was on Thursday when you weren’t allowed to jump or dive into the pool without shouting “International Rescue!” whilst in the air!
As ever I’m being my usual sappy self and missing the young people enormously!

* No ducking, No Bombing**, No petting, No running!
** Apart from when we ran a bombing competition 🙂