Teenagers – The Manual

Haynes, famous for their Auto Manuals have diversified into other areas. Below is the press release for their Teenagers Manual! (This isn’t one of my japes, check it out here)
teen haynes man.jpg

“Wouldn’t it be good if teenagers were like cars? Reliable, undemanding and cheap to run. Put them in the garage and forget about them at night. Sadly, they’re not. The teens are a tumultuous period – physical, social and emotional growth can lead to problems, confusion and even dangers for parents and teenagers alike. However unlike a car, they do not come with an owner’s manual . . . until now.
Haynes is renowned worldwide for its car and motorbike manuals and the new Haynes Teenager Manual will help you take pride in your teenager as it develops into a classic model. This new book follows the format for which Haynes is famous – practical instructions written by experienced professionals …….. ”
(I haven’t included the next bit as it descends into unhelpful labelling)

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  1. According to the website it’s been written by Dr Spungin. What a great name for a teenage expert!

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