Stop the pigeon

Reading the Church Times today I ended up cracked up with Laughter!
On page 3 of said newspaper is a full page article on the controversy revolving around the Playstation game virtually set in Manchester Cathedral. There is some outcry that shooting Aliens in Cathedrals is not something that Anglicans would do. Meanwhile (detailed on page 4) over at Norwich Cathedral they called in a pest controller to deal with a pigeon in the cathedral which should not be there, (presumably because it had avoided paying by flying in). The pest controller being a practical kind of fellow, reached into his pest-control bag, removed a gun and shot it!
The irony of one Cathedral being up in arms about armed gamers shooting non existent aliens while another cathedral is calling in people to shoot actual pigeons, was I thought, quite funny!
(See also Dave Walker on the Manchester controversy)

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