I tell you wot, here’s some Wotsits …..

wtsit2.jpg Greetings and I hope the transition into Monday has been a gentle one. Traditionally this is the day when I just list everything from my e-mail In-box that I don’t know what else to do with, so why should today be any different?
Tomorrow is our Diocesan meet up of Employed youth workers/ministers, if you are coming PLEASE Let me know so that i can appropriate the appropriate quantity of lunch. Thanx 🙂
For those of you admitting to watching Big Brother (and for the rest of you) there’s a rather good piece on the Ethics of it (or lack thereof) on the BBC website. This could be the basis of an excellent discussion.
A web site that have asked for a plug: Churchlender doesn’t actually lend you a church BUT it aims to enable churches to share resourses and stuff.
A request: Michael from New Zealand is after some job descriptions and the like for detached youth work projects. Can you help? (e-mail me and I’ll pass them/your contact on).
Amusing Me: Phil has discovered that you can sing Paul Simon’s “You can call me Al” to the tune of “Over all the Earth” I’m not musical enough to attempt this BUT I really want to be in a church in the next couple of weeks where they morph one song into the other 🙂
And finally:
This is picture is dedicated to anyone who just doesn’t know which way to turn at the moment and is looking for a sign: