One song to the tune of another

1son.jpg A bit of a thread is emerging out of the comments on the previous post. I happened to mention that Phil had discovered “You can call me Al” (Paul Simon, Graceland) could be sung to “Over all the Earth
This led to Tanya flagging up “Amazing Grace” to the tune of “House of the rising Sun” while Alison revealed that her Church do The Lords prayer to the “Sound of Silence
My example is also based on “Amazing Grace” which is GREAT to the tune of “The Lion sleeps tonight
So other examples please AND they must GENUINELY fit without massive vocal acrobatics ……

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  1. You can also do “Amazing Grace” to “Gilligan’s Island.” Never forget those poor folks out for a 3 hour’s tour- they can use some grace! 🙂
    Hope all is well, Ian!

  2. One song to the tune of another? I don’t understand what you mean. Could you explain this please?

  3. You sing the words of Amazing Grace, but you use the tune to House of the Rising Sun or The Lion Sleeps Tonight or Gilligan’s Island.
    You may be familiar with the two tunes for Away in a Manger or O Little Town of Bethlehem. Other hymns have multiple tunes. This is just using secular music for sacred words.

  4. Simon, thanks for the clarification BUT my apologies as JT was not being serious, he was alluding (I think) to the complex explanations that appear on the radio show to introduce “One song to the tune of another”
    JT ……. “It is hard to explain the rules of this particular game, involving as it does the combination of the lyrical or rhythmic component of one piece of music, with the libretto of another; the couplets of the latter being matched to the cadences of the accompaniment to the former in order to create a new, and occasionally harmonious, whole”

  5. A classic we used to have at collage was the intro to Space Cowboy by the Steve Millar Band which is the same tune as Lord I lift your name on high.

  6. Thanks for the churchlender plug! Much appreciated.
    Oh and lord I lift your name up high with the space cowboy riff is a winner every time!

  7. One I remember from my 1970’s Youth Club/Youth Praise days was ‘What a friend we have in Jesus’ to the tune ‘The carnival was over’… showing my age, I’m afraid! (Got here from Cartoon church link to the great cartoons! Love the expressions on the faces.)

  8. Thanks for calling in! (Thats a great photo of Sidmouth you have as a header)
    Your reference to the 70’s reminded me that we used to sing a song called “Why don’t you put your trust in Jesus” to the “Match of the Day” theme

  9. Oh the 70’s…! Long hair and flares … did we really sing some of those songs in Youth Praise (the one about ‘minis and jags and plenty of fags’ springs to mind.) Happy days.
    Can’t claim any credit for the Sidmouth pic which I clipped from a tourist site.
    Will try to remember to call in again – and will tell our Careforce volunteer about your site too.

  10. We joked around in worship practice about using the keyboard riff to Van Halen’s Jump as an intro and transition between verses in Joy to the World

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