My weekend by Ian aged 40

AArrrgghhh I’ve been pulled into the dark side of blogging, the place where boring chronological narration rules and the humdrum experiences of one’s life are posted in the absurd belief that they will be of enormous interest to millions of people. I’m going to have to go with it for a moment though and ………… write about my weekend. (any readers who do not wear slippers and don’t always religiously ask for de-caf coffee, may wish to switch off at this point).
worldend2.jpg On Saturday I went for a bike ride! Normally I wouldn’t mention this but I thought it’s title and organisation (by Newbury cycling group, SPOKES) was quite witty. In an ironic (and shorter) tribute to the famous end to end ride in the UK, we did “Worlds End” (really is a village in Berkshire) to the John O’ Gaunt pub in Hungerford, which including the journey out from Macdonald Towers and back was a pleasant 37 miles.
On Sunday morning (note clever chronological device to frame the writing structure) I was preaching by the river in Pangbourne. This was not some mad and maverick act in order to convert the ducks but part of a combined Churches together and Scouting Centenary service. I had a great time and it was a blast to be part of a fun outdoor service. I was introduced as the celebrity guest???!!!!!! LOL! You heard it hear first, there is now such a thing as a ‘z’ list celebtrity! (Mind you Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher were in Pangborne a couple of days before so maybe I was restoring some balance).
roman bods.jpgSunday afternoon, we took all the offspring (including one we seem to have acquired for a week) to a Roman re-enactment thingamajig. Lots of impressive Roman soldiers firing some nasty looking weaponry*, there was a Roman encampment, a Roman operating theatre and the like. They were all very passionate about understanding the whole Roman thing and producing an accurate portrayal. At one point they got all the kids doing Roman drill and it was hilarious to see the young people having a fab time WHILE being shouted at in Latin. (I’m sure that the more well schooled readers of this blog (for the record, not me) will only associate being shouted at in Latin as a bad thing!). If you get chance to see LEGIO SECVNDA AVGVSTA in action, then I recommend it, they Saxa!
Don’t know why I wrote all that but I think it’s got it out of my sytem and you will not have to endure similar postings such as “My quest for socks at Marks and Spencers” for a while.
*Even though the weaponry was very nasty they elected to fire onions instead of stones (this presumably wouldn’t have killed anyone, just made them cry)

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