Let the train cause a strain

I’m in London today for a consultation on confirmation which I’m looking forward to.
Getting here though was not without its comedic value!

The following rant warning was issues at 09:55. Storm to gale force rant with occasional humour …..

train.jpg I turned up at Newbury station bright and early with my trusty folding bike (proper bikes not being allowed on morning commuter trains). I purchased my ticket (for which I was overcharged for by £5) and folded myself into the ‘child seat’ (I was assured it was an adult seat but you’d have needed to have been a child to be comfortable) and we tootled off to Reading where I could pick up the ‘fast’ train to London.
I arrived at Reading and ran (carrying the folding bike) to platform 5 making it with seconds to spare for my intended train (Yay). But the digi-board said it was delayed by 10 minutes (boo). Thirteen minutes later when we were told that the train was approaching the station they informed us that there would be a platform change and it would be arriving into platform 9. I jogged, still carrying HEAVY folding bike to platform 9, making it onto the platform AS the train arrived (yay) BUT I couldn’t actually get on as it was full with people sitting, crouching, leaning and standing! However at this moment there came a welcome announcement, “There is a second London train approaching platform 5!” This being my cue to leg it back down the stairs, through the tunnel, up the stairs and onto platform 5. I arrived only to watch the doors close before I reached the train and this service eased out towards London. GGGGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Fortunately there had been so many delays that several late trains were in the proximity of Reading Station and I was informed that in a few minutes there would be another train coming into Platform 5. Just at the allotted time there was an announcement “Platform change, the London Paddington Train will now be departing from platform 9!” Aaaarrrghghghg, sprinted with bike and rucksack down, across, up and made it onto the train THAT was also packed.
I managed to find a spot to perch myself in the luggage shelves (a step up from the folk leaning against the toilets I thought).
Arrived half an hour late BUT a train is not considered late until its over an hour late (and that has to be the train you were on, the fact that the train I was supposed to be on had no room has no bearing whatsoever!)
“Let the train take the Strain eh!”

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  1. The bit I like is the fact that they also put a ton of extra time onto the last stage of the timetable to ensure that they aren’t ever late. I’ve been on Paddington trains that have been late every stop, and then by some miracle arrive early.

  2. I always fill in and send off a comments form if I have a journey like that, and receive – almost without fail – some rail vouchers “for use towards my next journey”.
    I think they probably hate me now, but I reckon I’ve had getting on for £100 in vouchers over the last couple of years…

  3. would have loved to but rules, gravity and physics precluded this i.e no cycling on platform allowed and cycling up or down stairs on a Brompton is a first class ticket to casualty 🙂
    I guess it is kind of ironic that I was running round a station carrying a bike though!

  4. And to think you let a bunch of rules, some laws of gravity and petty physics get in your way – and I thought you were SuperDYOOOOO!!!
    Just think though if you only cycled on the spot and charged a battery – how green would that be?

  5. Wish I could express empathy with your rant…. but too hilarious! (Agree luggage shelves is definitely up from toilet door leaning)

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