Inauguration of Bishop John

Fab day at the Cathedral yesterday and I’m pleased to report that Bishop John is properly Inaugutated in what was an uplifting and wonderful celebration.
In terms of the Processing, job done! It turned out to be more of a dignified amble that the lofty idea I held about processing. (I think in order to put people at their ease in future they should not mention the word “Procession” and just state that “You will be part of a group who amble into the Cathedral in a dignified group!“)
As Christchurch Cathedral is not a great design if you want more than 20 people to be able to see what is happening at the cross (middle), the place was decked out with BIG flatscreen monitors with cameras relaying the action. With everyone else inside the cathedral, the processions were lined up outside ready to amble in. The outside camera was apparently relaying pictures into the cathedral and I was amused to find out later that for a moment all the monitors in the Church had been a close up of me laughing! (which when I was told, again made me laugh)
On a serious note: I am genuinely excited about Bishop John and what he will mean to the diocese, I look forward very much to serving the diocese with him at the helm.
* Photo by KT Bruce (and copyright), more pictures here
** Zac, My apologies, I failed to wear a sword (but I was tempted)