I’m a happy hippy hippo

I had a great time last night at a Youth Service/Youth fellowship. It was a mix of being in the church for worship with a break in the middle (great idea, if leaders of adult services read this!) for food and malarky. The worship was fantastic (great vocals and band) and included a song written by the young people which was really catchy and had great energy too, it was a bit surreal in part BUT avoided the usual cliche’d stuff. The Chorus was:
ton.jpg“I’m a happy hippy hippo
In my camper van
Praising Jesus day and night
He’s a special man”

As this has been buzzing round my brain for the last 14 hours it’s sparked some thoughts. I imagine that there MIGHT be some who would struggle with this as a piece of worship but then I thought: Supposing you were to do some market research among people who can’t speak Christian subculture fluently, and have the words above …. alongside the following examples of more “serious” worship writing, then asked which made the most sense? (I think this would be fun to do)
“Who is like unto him
Never ending in days
He is the lord”
“Open the eyes of my heart lord [because]
I want to see you high and lifted up”
“The name of the lord is a strong tower
The righteous run into it
And they are saved”

I’m reckoning that Happy Hippy Hippo has the most clarity!
Thanks to all at the IMPACT group for a GREAT evening (sorry I had to leave a bit early).
OH and on a related theme, If Cartoons got saved?

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  1. I think your spot on right.
    it’s really hard for new comers to know what we are going on about during worship.
    If there are some young people coming up with stuff that is relevent, then good on them.
    It dosen’t sound much different from
    with christ in my vessal I can smile at the storm’ (with all the actions) I’m sure that was a real break through and contraversy in it’s original day.
    🙂 tash

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