If you get into hot water, read the bag

I have recently been approached/Spammed by Scripture Tea! If you are keen to have inspirational messages on your beverages then you know where to go!
scrip t.jpg
I’m with Marx though on his embracing of coffee and rejection of Tea. (I think that’s what he meant by ‘Proper Tea is theft’)

3 Replies to “If you get into hot water, read the bag”

  1. Marx may well have said ‘Proper tea is theft’ as it was Proudhon who said ‘Property is theft’ – once more SuperDYOOOO has let me down….
    Marx also asked why folk would need freedom – which under the circumstances of his religion is the opium of the people seems a little rich – a bit like a rich tea biscuit…

  2. I stand corrected and I have now looked up a Proudhon. I note that the above quote comes from a work entitled “What is proper tea?” which I assume is the prime academic work rejecting herbal teas!

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