I tell you wot, here’s some Wotsits …..

wtsit2.jpg Greetings and I hope the transition into Monday has been a gentle one. Traditionally this is the day when I just list everything from my e-mail In-box that I don’t know what else to do with, so why should today be any different?
Tomorrow is our Diocesan meet up of Employed youth workers/ministers, if you are coming PLEASE Let me know so that i can appropriate the appropriate quantity of lunch. Thanx 🙂
For those of you admitting to watching Big Brother (and for the rest of you) there’s a rather good piece on the Ethics of it (or lack thereof) on the BBC website. This could be the basis of an excellent discussion.
A web site that have asked for a plug: Churchlender doesn’t actually lend you a church BUT it aims to enable churches to share resourses and stuff.
A request: Michael from New Zealand is after some job descriptions and the like for detached youth work projects. Can you help? (e-mail me and I’ll pass them/your contact on).
Amusing Me: Phil has discovered that you can sing Paul Simon’s “You can call me Al” to the tune of “Over all the Earth” I’m not musical enough to attempt this BUT I really want to be in a church in the next couple of weeks where they morph one song into the other 🙂
And finally:
This is picture is dedicated to anyone who just doesn’t know which way to turn at the moment and is looking for a sign:

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  1. Got a really good version of the Lord Prayer set to the Sound of Silence. Its very popular at our church.

  2. Nice quote from Hugh Rifkind, one of the contributors to the Times Big Brother Blog:
    “This is the real problem with Big Brother. It suddenly makes you suspect that, aside from the people you actually personally know, everybody in Britain is stark raging bonkers.”

  3. re: morphing songs, you can use van halen’s ‘jump’ as an intro to ‘there is power in the name of jesus’, if you feel like regressing to the nineties that is….

  4. And of course, everone knows that the Pet Shop boys nicked the tune for ‘Go West’ directly from ‘Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart’

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