Flight announcement splurge

Welcome to Youthblog airlines, this is your Pilot speaking. Emergency exits are located here, here and here and in the unlikely event of a problem with Firefox we have a back up system provided by Microsoft. We will be cruising today with a nice positive attitude and I am not expecting any turbulence (although one can never predict what will happen in the comments). For those (un)lucky enough to have a Windows seat (or those in first class with an i-seat), here is what you might expect to see:
There’s a new online Magazine for teens called Streetbrand. It’s very cool in that is actually an online magazine, i.e magazine format and page turning etc BUT readable. It’s a Christian, youth culture mag and this is what the editor has to say about it:

“My name is Kofo Baptist and I attend Powerhouse Church in London; my husband is a youth pastor in the church and I have a heart for youth work. About five years ago, I got the idea to do a faith-based youth culture magazine; a publication that would be more than just a good read. I was tired of seeing boy/girl crazed, sex-oriented magazines with little to say to young people about achievement, purpose, spirituality or the importance of having a voice on critical issues of concern”

Moorlands college
(as attended by 12.35% of Youthblog readers*) run a course called ELIVATE. It’s a distance learning course that also include two residential weekends. It revolves around three focuses, Bible, self and mission. Definitely worth checking out!
If you want to explore 24-7 prayer and Bolier rooms more then here’s a programme of stuff that’s happening that may be useful. Download file
Additional: If you are in an Anglican church and know your Diocesan Youth Adviser then I could do with some info on them! I’m part of the team organising the DYO conference this year and we are collecting skills that DYO’s hold (they are often to shy to ‘fess up to all their abilities) and any funny info, skills, history (as they are too smart to want to tell me). Ta muchly
Youthblog wishes you a pleasant onward browse
(* This figure has its roots very firmly in the fact that 78.2% of statistics are made up on the spot)

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  1. Thanks for making me one of your emergency exits. I’d better make sure my inflatable chute is working.
    [Exits left looking for airbed mattress pump]

  2. My DYO has been known to lack direction (or should that be correct identifaction of desired location)…
    Yours, heading the right Hill End

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