Big Brother thought

Great reflection from Brian Draper thinking about TV’s, Big Brother
“In fact, for all its predictable superficiality and editorial manipulation, Big Brother remains intriguing (to some) because it commits to the long haul and allows space for its wannabe cast to forget about performing and start developing relationships – betraying themselves and others through what they say, dividing the group with arguments and acts of selfishness, and occasionally reuniting it with heart-warming flashes of grace. Although it appears that the contestants are as shallow as the popular culture they are helping to dramatise, in the end they really can’t help being themselves. Which begs the question: If we can’t stand them for who they are, how can we, as the Church, ever hope to love the millions they represent in the ‘real’ world?
God, who could have switched off from us years ago, doesn’t miss our own simplicity, stupidity and occasional duplicity. But thankfully he’s willing to look beyond the impressions we create of ourselves, to the heart of who we are. And that’s surely what we all need, whether we seek it on the TV or not: a healthy dose of reality”