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On Friday it is Bishop John’s inauguration at the Cathedral, this is a BIG event and an exciting day for the Diocese! As part of the service three of the Licensed Youth Ministers are in the procession into the Cathedral, Simo, myself and Lizzie. So a question? How do you process? Any wisdom out there and stuff that I should know? Going through my mental list I know I can march, I can walk, I can definitely saunter but I have no available data on the act of processing!
Anything else I need to know? Should I carry a Skateboard as a badge of office? Would I be ceremonially incomplete if I’m not wearing a sword (actually it’ll have to be a light sabre as I have one of those). Would anyone like to award me a medal before Friday to make my hoody look a little more distinguished?

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  1. “…How do you process?…Should I carry a Skateboard…”
    C’mon Ian, put 2 and 2 together. The answer is obvious.

  2. Procession walking is a real art, I would go with juggling balls, always a winner or maybe some modelling balloons….the pewsitters would appreciate it, I am sure!
    Hope you have a fun day.

  3. The closest analogy on your list would be marching as you usually keep pace with everyone else, and the music and will generally be in pairs unless you’re someone really important like the Bishop. In terms of some sort of badge of office sticks or poles seem to be the thing. Perhaps a paper hockey stick would be the thing? (That’s a rolled up and sellotaped copy of the Diocesan newspaper to the uninitiated.)

  4. Processing, you never mentioned that before it was only “would I like to attend, by the way this isn’t the kind of things you say no to (not that I would have!)”! before becoming a Yoof Worka I was a processing technician with a well known photographic company do you think what I did then might be any help? You could ask you wife about processing as she will have done it on your wedding day! As for Roy’s suggestion I can bring the juggling balls and balloons, I can even presence on the stilts if you think I would fit under the doorway into the cathedral!
    PS. Any other helpful advice on the processing let me know

  5. I think you need to do some sort of a deal with the other processors / processees – you’ll wear a robe over your skateboard / heelies if they’ll wear a skateboard / heelies under their robes.

  6. how about studying the ministry of silly walks for some time and then using a few of those interchangeably as you go down the aisle? you could even update this but incorporating the heelies? although cathedral floors are slippery and the combination of silly walks and heelies could lead to it being more a pile on than a process up …

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