Youth Work Job Adverts

drum.jpgDrum Roll please! I’d like to announce a new feature on this dusty corner of the world wide web:
From this moment forth you’ll find a page where I put all the job advertisements for Youth Ministers, Church based Youth Workers and the like. You can click here or just glance to the right where you’ll see the link (or up and right once this becomes an old entry). If you’ve got a job you want includes then just shout (actually, e-mail) and I’ll post it.
There is no charge for this service BUT obviously if as a Church you do want to pay me 5% of year one salary as a recruitment fee I shall not mind too much 🙂
Ignore this next bit as I’m going to spout relevant words for the Search engine. Youth Ministry Jobs, recruiting Parish based youth workers, youthwork positions and posts available. Jobs page for Youth Pastors, Youth and Community Workers, Christian Youth and Family specialists. (Well I did tell you to ignore this paragraph).