very Richard ideas

While my daughter shares my love of words and of utilising precisely the right term in any given sentence, my youngest boy communicates far more with gesticulation and sound effect in order to add emphasis to his vocabulary.
At lunch today my wife and I happened to use the word ‘flexibility’ and my youngest said excitedly that they’d done ‘that word’ at school and proceeded to define the word using a combination of mime and sound effects. Pursuing his understanding of the subject we asked if he’d learned any other words related to ‘flexibility’. He said there’d been another one (long pause while he retrieved the information from his head), it begain, he said, “with …… Richard”
I was stumped for a few seconds before I realised that the word in question was, rigid!’
I suspect that this will immediately become part of our family folklore with calls for people to be more flexible about things and hence much less Richard!