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me warhol tiny.jpgYou have to check out Fd’s Flickr Toys! …… trust me on this, it’s a couple of clicks beyond awesome, the dial goes all the way up to 11 on this one.
You don’t even need to be a Flickr user (although there are some tools that are Flckr specific), you can work from images on your hard disk and this site will turn them into Motivational posters (great for a laugh), art work, magazine covers etc etc etc. Whatever publicity you are working on at the moment, a few minutes on this site and you’ll be able to add some real kazazz to what your doing!
(The examples here are from running pics through the Warhol and the Hockney art generators)
me hockney.jpg
The other site that is worth flagging up is Slideshare. This will mainly be useful to fellow blog dwellers as one of it’s chief weapons is being able to hoover up a Powerpoint presentation then re-rendering it as a reduced size slide show that can be embedded into a web site. Genius!
I’ve run out of time to demo this one so here’s my Warhol’d Youthblog logo instead via Fd’s Flickr Toys.
chimp warhol.jpg
I like this site, a lot! (If you’ve got similarly useful sites then please let me know about them)

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