Spiderman 3 (more)

‘Following the Spiderman 3 reviews posted by Youth Ministers, Spidey’s
film career was effectively over. His income now being more or less
reliant on Street entertaining’
Darren left a comment agreeing that SM3 that it wasn’t as bad as all that AND to say he’s written a discussion guide for the film, well worth a look and here it is!
Less usefully BUT quite funny (especially the EMO observation) is this list of what we learn from Spiderman 3!

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  1. Spiderman 3 is a churrazo, Sam.. go home, we want guillermo del toro for directing spiderman 4

  2. Wow the comments for this post are breeding a whole new language. The film is ‘Churrazo’ but the emo hair was ‘Schmick’?
    I’m discombobulated!

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