Spiderman 3

spideythree.jpg Last night saw me at the cinema for Spiderman 3, I’d smuggled in a drink as I’m not sure you can buy a coke or lemonade without a Plantinum credit card, and I’d mentally prepared for the film being a disappointment (swayed as I was by the reveiws). Right as I was about the price of the drinks, I’m happy to say that I thought Spidey 3 was great. I admit it’s a bit to long, it’s kind of clunky in places and the dialogue lacks some finesse BUT it’s an enjoyable outing if you are a Spiderman fan and I guess that I am. I also rate the acting and liked the humour.
It’s central theme of “the battle within” and the choices each of the characters needs to make lacked some subtlety in delivery but gave an excellent thread running through the film, it also means the mileage for youth group discussion on choices, sin, hope, pride etc using this film are MAHOOSIVE! I also read that it was not very credible????? I’m not sure superhero films ever make sense (ok, apart from Batman Begins) and there are some holes in the logic, but Hey I’m not sure I want Superhero films to entirely add up!
I liked it, it’s not as good as ‘2’ but it’ll probably be better than ‘4’ and hey, it’s Spiderman!
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  1. I think you can use most superheroes as analogies in youth groups, Xmen has to be a good one, choices again, and in the new superman film there is a bit about supermans dad sending his son, and thanks Ali for that sermonspice link.

  2. Sam Raimi destroyed Venom and Spiderman franchise, we want a change, we want Guillermo del Toro for SM4

  3. hey dude, just thought I’d let you know I posted a discussion resource on my blog for SM3, thought it was fun and didnt deserve the ripping apart it’s got so far from people…

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