Residential Questions

If you are a leader within a Youth group and if you take groups on residentials then PLEASE can you answer these questions via comment or e-mail …..
1. All things considered do you prefer to take your group to a centre that caters and provides activities or a venue where it’s down to you and your group? (and Why?)
2. Has your use of centres in the last few years seen a shift in focus?
3. How many young people do you take away at a time?
4. What are the age ranges on residentials that you run?
5. How far do you travel to residential centres that you use?

This follows on from some earlier questions that I asked and is VERY VERY useful. Many thanks for your help and I will be sending a copy of “Happy in My Skin” to a random respondent, lacking, as I do, access to Blue Peter Badges.
Shalom 🙂

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