Outdoor First Aid – Incident Management

ITC.jpgI’m absolutely cream-crackered this morning as I spent virtually all of the weekend re-qualifying as a First Aider. Time flies though when your constantly thinking, evaluating and responding OR just lying in puddles being a casualty! (I was particularly proud of my interpretation of the ‘broken neck’ with bonus arterial bleeding from the leg).
This is the third time I’ve been trained by MWS delivering an ITC course in Outdoor First Aid – Incident Management and I rate the course and the trainers extremely highly indeed.
As ever there had been some changes since the last time I trained and CPR has changed again* radically, but actually become simpler (although more tiring). The compressions have now gone up to 30 for every 2 breaths, with the Cardiac arrest requirements changing to an emergency call BEFORE any rescue breaths.
*Did you know there is a UK Resuscitation Council?, It was a surprise to me BUT at least I know who to blame every time the numbers change!