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rad.jpg Here’s all the little green blips on the Youthblog radar ……….
The Magazine JAM has just put out its 14th edition, they’d love you to order some copies for your group. Fuzz Kito is speaking at Shirley (West Midlands) on the 8th June, 10-1pm. E-mail for details. A new media company, FortyOneTwenty asked for a plug and as there’s some useful looking stuff on there, I’ve given it a mention. The Methodist Church in this country has a FANTASTIC record of Youth Work and continues to impact young people, the Methodist Church however are about to significantly reduce support for youth work, if you think this is a bad idea then sign here!
Tim Schmoyer has put together an e-book of 130 tips for youth ministry, there’s some great stuff in there that informs, inspires, corrects and challenges.
130 Youth Ministry Tips and Ideas Free Ebook
Download this FREE Ebook!

Also: I’m trying to compile the definitive record of youth work/schoools work (and related) conferences for 2008, need input? Send Info! Oh and is anyone going to the CRE on Friday? (yes, I know that lots of people will be going BUT anyone I know?)

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  1. Ooops, sorry for overuse of TLAs*
    CRE = Christian Respource Exhibition
    JAM= a magazine, more details by clicking the link
    * TLA = Three Letter Acronym

  2. Chris,Great idea! I’ll have to try that one too! And you are right, unfortunately there is no repice that works for every group. Just like everything else, it’s trial and error. Sometimes things will work great for a period of time and then one day they just stop working and I have to reach back into my bag of tricks for other ideas. Hope things are going great for you and you continue to find things that work for your group!Blessings,Vickie

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