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Blog Update: Spam continues to be a problem (Grrrr) and I’ve had to switch off ‘comments’ from some older entries, this goes against the grain a bit but it is effective. The anti-Spam-bot on Moveable type needs to gain a few extra I.Q points as it lets quite a bit of stuff slip through, you’d think “Nice Site” would be a dead giveaway but the software doesn’t.
Encouragingly though, Youthblog had visits from 52 different countries in the last 10 days, weird but Cool! I added a widget thingy on the sidebar that records where people virtually arrive from. Admittedly some will have only come to half-inch pictures BUT it’s funky anyway! I’m hoping that Luxembourg and Ecuador will put in an appearance today :-).
Have you noticed that Technorati has changed? They no longer put “number of links” by the data on how many sites link to you, instead they put, “Authority”. This made me laugh as it seems a bit like, TOP TRUMPS. So if you are playing a game, Youthblog: Authority 82 This sounds quite good until you look at the other Top Trump data and find there are over 56,676 blogs that are more interesting than this one, LOL!
I dropped my PDA this weekend 🙁 and the Screen has gone Pete-Tong, this is BAD news from an organisational point of view! I thought you should know as you can then watch my general descent into chaos as I try to keep an Outlook diary and a paper diary sync’d 🙂 I did like this possible recycling idea though that would at least maintain its calculator function:

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