Now that’s what I call a Youth Service

wough.jpg On Sunday evening I was somewhere near the top of the Diocese at a place called Woughton (near Milton Keynes) to go to FREEDOM, a Youth Service that flows from the Youth Work at Woughton. It Rocked!
I was reflecting on the Service and trying to work out why it had made such an impression on me, thunks so far:

1. A number of older people who were there (I mean older than me) participating and worshiping alongside the young people.
2. The depth and quality of the music from the Youth Band and how much practice/thought must have gone into the weaving together of the worship.
3. The Preacher being 15! She was awesome and spoke powerfully and honestly about her life and journey to faith, then used the Bible and experience to deliver a relevant challenge.
4. Humour and community were key components
5. The service had a theme which flowed through and linked everything together.

Now that’s what I call exciting 🙂 Way to go Woughton

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  1. I recently recieved the news that i got into one of the most well respected schools to study music and ministry for a year, the news that i got in made me happy ofcourse, but it was nothing compaired to how thrilled i am about what is going on in Woughton, and how God is working in us to put this together! This blog is awesome, it brings tears of joy to my eyes to see that God is reaching young and old through the work he has sent us to do, may it grow and be blessed so that the generation we are raising can continue to glorify God through the gifts they have!

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