Never a teenager

I was training a bunch of youth leaders last week and there was a leader who had never been a teenager! Seriously, he hadn’t. I’m not denying he’d been through adolescence but as he was 85 he was long done with being teen-age before the term teenager was ever used. I mention this for no particular reason other than it amused me. The other funny thing was that he spoke to me at the end of the session to chastise me on my poor spelling, whoops!

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  1. One of my youth leaders was never a teenager either. She’s in her 60s and claims that it hadn’t been invented when she was young, you were just a child and then you became an adult, simple as that.
    At Halloween time she always remarks that there was no such thing as halloween when she was young, and as Oct 31 is her birthday she was even more peeved when they decided to turn her birthday into a pagan holiday!!

  2. Ooh, very interesting topic. Did you know a book has recently been published by Chatto and Windus called ‘Teenage: The Creation of Youth 1874-1945’ by Jon Savage? Looks v interesting, although always made less interesting by the fact that it’s only in hardback for a while yet.
    Am working on a blog about books… about time too!

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