Fast Folding Commuter Cycle

For the most part I avoid writing about Cycling BUT every now and again it just kinda happens. Regular reader(s) of Youthblog know that I ride a fast skinny road bike, a hardtailed Mountainbike and my folding bicycle (although not all Bromptonred.jpg at the same time you understand). My folder is a British built (yay) bike called a Brompton. This piece of kit goes nearly everywhere with me and is SO useful, folding as it does into a small package in under 20 seconds (and unfolding as fast) and riding in a zippy, fun and efficient manner. The folding market is seeing massive growth at the moment as these bikes are harder to steal (if you keep them with you, which you can), join transport options together (you can take them on buses and trains without hassle, or indeed being thrown off) and they are dead easy to store. Brompton have been producing their bikes as fast as they can while companies like Dahon have innovated and produced a wide range of folders. The holy grail though has been to make a bike that rides well, folds down to a small package AND folds quicker more efficiently than the Brompton. I think Bike Friday may have done it, check this out ………..

The instruction video is here. I’ve not ridden one yet so can’t comment BUT it’s genius is it not?

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  1. Sure is genius! But almost looks like it may spontaneously fold whilst your riding it! Not such a genius situation!

  2. I certainly apipcerate the folding nature of the wagon and the metal frame seems solid. Plastic end caps are not particularly tenaciously placed and after less than a few hours, I have noticed 1 plastic end cover is MIA and 2 are loose. Some damage was evident soon after arrival. There was a tear in the fabric lining on one side and at least one joint was broken. I did not immediately notice the broken joint, and I needed the wagon immediately as I was on vacation and had it delivered to my lodging. It did not prevent me from using the wagon, which the kids love, but it can’t be good for the long term durability. Also, the canopy did not come in the box. Calling the company resulted in them notifying me that they will send one to me when it comes back in stock in a couple of weeks. The wagon is definitely an attention getter, but I found out that at Disney World, you cannot take it into the theme park. Because one has to pull it, not push it (due to the placement of the rotating wheels as opposed to the fixed axis wheels), it is considered a tripping hazard. It was kept in customer relations for the day and I was given a voucher for a free stroller rental. If I can shore up the damaged parts, it still ought to be useful on the boardwalk or at a picnic.

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