But has it got ‘Mission’ in the title

Is it possible to get a Christian book published at the moment if it hasn’t got ‘Mission’ in the title?
oh and the rumour that the Macdonald/Hassall book on Tweenagers has been reneamed “Mission Shaped Mission to Tweenagers, a Missiological Exploration” is mostly untrue!

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  1. And about time too! (if you are a subscriber to the theology of missio Dei, then I guess everything the church says, does and writes should have the word “Mission” in the title… or maybe nothing should as it should be so intrinsic to the life of church/christians that it just doesn’t need to be said!) but then I guess I would say that!

  2. Well if it hasn’t got mission in the title it will probably have emerging/emergent or other variant in it. Us christians are nothing if not followers of trend and fashionable phrases.
    Right place this time!

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