Apples aren’t Green

Mac campaign border.jpg
Brilliant campaign by Greenpeace that’s trying to get Apple to stop lagging so far behind on Green issues and start being a leader! As so many Youth Ministry bods and Emerging types are Mac-minded, I thought I should flag it up!

5 Replies to “Apples aren’t Green”

  1. It’s actually not a campaign without controversy – check out this blog posting which includes quite a bit of discussion, and links to the most recent statements from Greanpeace, plus a rare statement from Steve Jobs himself.

  2. Now in an attempt to be allowing both sides of the story to have their say, I thought it was important to flag up apple’s response to this …
    And it isn’t just because I’m a mac user and love them (although I am and I do!) – it’s also because I’m a bit of a green freak and so am trying to make sure that companies I’m in to are at least making an effort in that area!

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