The Authentic

auth.jpg I’m running a session at a group tonight and I’m going to be exploring, “What is authentic?”
With so much ‘stuff’ being more about image than substance I thought we could have some fun with that and then be looking at what Authentic Christianity is?
I’m trying to come up with some contrasts in terms of bands, fashion, TV etc where there’s an example of the authentic (really is what it claims to be) and the inauthentic (no substance or reality to match the claim or image), any ideas?
I’m going to use Dasani as one example (The mineral water that Coke launched in the UK that turned out to be just tap water and contained a potential carcinogen)

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  1. If you can get your hands on music by Steve Taylor (and some band) or as a solo – I particularly like ‘i wanna be a clone’ from his first album – hoots and jerking splutters as you go BUT THAT’S SSOOO TRRUUEEE!!!!!!

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