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slingshot still.jpg A while back myself and several others linked to this INSANE video of a human slingshot. As far as I can track down its something a guy built on his ranch in Utah for a bit if fun and ‘entertaining’ his guests. The video now appears on GodTube entitled Christian Youth Camp Slingshot!
As far as I can tell there are absolutely no facts to link it with a Christian youth camp, all pointers are to a ranch in Utah.
ALSO, I’m sure that no Youth Minister would be that reckless with young people in their care, and if it were a youth camp then there would be other teenagers standing round encouraging, whooping and shouting FOR SURE!
So I reckon someone saw it on YS Marko /Youthblog/ et al, lifted it without checking and just assumed. The dangers of the web (and Christians appropriating stuff regardless of the facts) ho hum!

Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie

Driving back from a Youth Ministry Meeting thing last night I stumbled across a brilliant new show on Radio 2 (This is not a contradiction in terms, you cynics). From Monday through Thursday, starting last night, Maconie and Radcliffe co-present a live show that plays GREAT eclectic music, blends a silliness about life and a seriousness about music seemlessly, and is just a fab piece of radio!
also: Stuart Maconie has one of the best titled autobiographies around, it’s about his life in the music business and called, Cider with Roadies!

All kinds of everything

dana.jpg All Kinds of Everything
Here’s the news as it breaks, is broken or is just a bit cracked. The national stuff is first with the Diocesany Stuff in the ‘continue reading’ bit.
But first an important News Flash: Yellow Braces is REALLY filling up fast, more so for the girls than the boys. There are about 6 girls places and 15 boys spaces left. My apologies, the bookings have really flooded in while I have been away and we’ve had LOTS of new people, churches come on board.
Firstly a really interesting piece of research from Tear Fund on Religious allegiance and attitudes to Church Download file. LICC are running an event on April 24th called Journies and Stories looking at research on how, in todays culture, people become christians. They are also running a day on May 22nd on Strategic Schools work but I can’t find it on the web site?
JRF have published a useful evaluation of the changing paterns of work, it’s called Work-rich and Work-poor and the link gives a good summary.
There’s an interview here around understanding slang and hip hop words, it’s fun (and mainly relevent to America) but there some good analysis in there about Global language and influence.
RURAL YOUTH conference. 17th May in Derby
A couple of websites to check out: Christian Youth Group and God Teens

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Too much info on drugs …..

Interesting piece in the Guardian about schools and parents placing too much emphasis on drugs and not enough on drinking and smoking. Article here.
Good reminder for the need for this diaogue to happen in relationship AND be connected with the real needs and issues, not just focused on Societal worries.

Blogus returnus

I’m sure that the Latin in the title is not quite correct but hey it sounds pukka. There is a theory that folk (like me) who are from Birmingham should be naturally good at Latin as we instinctively use the verb endings! For instance the Brummy verb signifying surprise at what is being said, Hark-at-him, Hark-at-her Hark-at-us!
Anyway I’m back! I went, I saw, I skied 🙂 Before I get back into the serious business of Youth Ministry I thought I’d blather on a bit about my two weeks:
chairlift mist.jpg
The Ski trip was a blast. I only wiped out three times (and they were all on the same day) and considering that we were well into April the snow was great with a BIG fresh fall of the stuff on the Tuesday, nice! The Swiss coped well with my German and humoured me by nodding at what I was saying, the mountains were stunning and whiteout.jpg Adelboden itself was a funky place to be. I had a day skiing above the cloud which was so cool (see photo) and a day in the most bewildering, disorientating whiteout I have ever experienced (see photo*)
In terms of the ministry stuff (thanks for your prayers) all went OK and although the age range and after dinner setting of the evening meetings was less than ideal, it was good to be worshipping and exploring Holy Week together.
Family Holiday at Butlins was great fun, lots of time on the beach, oh and managed to infiltrate ‘Spring Harvest’ too (The evening Family worship was fabulous).
*This is a recreation of the view from the main slope of everyone skiing and the mountain backdrop