Greetings Earthlings

morph waving.0.gifGreetings Earthlings!
Hope all is tickety boo with your good selves. Here’s the usual splurge of stuff that I hope may possibly vaguely be of some use to you:
The CRE (the Marmite of Christian resourcing i.e you either love it or hate) is on from May 15th – 18th at Sandown. (Urban Saints are looking for some help on their stand if you know the organization and have some time free).
If you into Parachute games with any of the groups you work with then you may like to know that the Oxford Army Surplus shop has some stock of pukka military silk parachutes (infinitely better than the ‘play chutes’ you can buy). Costing from about £60 – £100.
June 23rd is next Vertigo. Cafe team anyone? (More fun that zero gravity, more rewarding than premium bonds and harder work than PCC meetings).
The uber funky St Laurence in Reading are after a youth worker. Details on their web site.
The Get Real Camp, Scripture Union 14-20th August for 14-16 year olds has some places left they’d love to fill. More details from: Claire Jones
If you’ve ever wondered what the shoes from Ephesians 6 look like, I assume this is the answer. (although maybe they’d be more dynamic at getting out there with the good news if they were heelies?)
gosp sho.jpg
Oh and a personal PS. Has anyone got an old Vodafone or O2 phone in a drawer they are willing to sell? My eldest boy managed to drop his into the sink!!! Because of his cerebral palsy it needs to be a relatively straight forward one that isn’t too fidly ……. hence the quest for a slightly outdated one.

Web Legends

slingshot still.jpg A while back myself and several others linked to this INSANE video of a human slingshot. As far as I can track down its something a guy built on his ranch in Utah for a bit if fun and ‘entertaining’ his guests. The video now appears on GodTube entitled Christian Youth Camp Slingshot!
As far as I can tell there are absolutely no facts to link it with a Christian youth camp, all pointers are to a ranch in Utah.
ALSO, I’m sure that no Youth Minister would be that reckless with young people in their care, and if it were a youth camp then there would be other teenagers standing round encouraging, whooping and shouting FOR SURE!
So I reckon someone saw it on YS Marko /Youthblog/ et al, lifted it without checking and just assumed. The dangers of the web (and Christians appropriating stuff regardless of the facts) ho hum!