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I’m sure that the Latin in the title is not quite correct but hey it sounds pukka. There is a theory that folk (like me) who are from Birmingham should be naturally good at Latin as we instinctively use the verb endings! For instance the Brummy verb signifying surprise at what is being said, Hark-at-him, Hark-at-her Hark-at-us!
Anyway I’m back! I went, I saw, I skied 🙂 Before I get back into the serious business of Youth Ministry I thought I’d blather on a bit about my two weeks:
chairlift mist.jpg
The Ski trip was a blast. I only wiped out three times (and they were all on the same day) and considering that we were well into April the snow was great with a BIG fresh fall of the stuff on the Tuesday, nice! The Swiss coped well with my German and humoured me by nodding at what I was saying, the mountains were stunning and whiteout.jpg Adelboden itself was a funky place to be. I had a day skiing above the cloud which was so cool (see photo) and a day in the most bewildering, disorientating whiteout I have ever experienced (see photo*)
In terms of the ministry stuff (thanks for your prayers) all went OK and although the age range and after dinner setting of the evening meetings was less than ideal, it was good to be worshipping and exploring Holy Week together.
Family Holiday at Butlins was great fun, lots of time on the beach, oh and managed to infiltrate ‘Spring Harvest’ too (The evening Family worship was fabulous).
*This is a recreation of the view from the main slope of everyone skiing and the mountain backdrop

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  1. Welcome back.No idea what ‘wiped out’ means suspect it means ‘fall over/lose control/go down mountain on backside’. Sking looks such fun.
    We had an amazing celebration on Easter Saturday at the Easter Ska Mass,’sounds of salvation’ played …….. so recommend them,in the words of a young person ‘it was brilliant’!

  2. Hellooooooo!! Will reign in the green-eyed-monster and say that I’m glad skiing was a blast. Hope the clan coped without you.
    I’m afraid to say that I’ve failed in my YB Worship Leader hunt. Sorry.

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