A confusing world

Another weird thing about McDonalds that affects me is this. Nearly all of them have BT openzone wireless internet, so I can drop in grab a coffee and pick up my e-mails when I’m out and about being Diocesan Youth Adviser bloke. But the McDonalds branches are made with so much glass it’s more like being in a greenhouse and hence virtually impossible to see the laptop screen! I can get the e-mails, I just can’t actually read them. So if you ever in McDonalds and wondering who the weird bloke is who has built some sort of shield like thing around the screen out of a rucksack, a menu and a tray, ……. it’s me 🙂
(Full Monday Splurge to follow later)

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  1. I have an American friend who was absolutely amazed at the number of parking spaces at the end of the drive-thru fast food places over here, and how often they were used – pointing out that if you’re going to have to park up anyway, why not just go in.
    Most American branches seem to be able to deliver almost anything on the menu on the drive-thru immediately – of course quite what they are doing behind the scenes to be able to do this I probably don’t want to know!

  2. Now who needs to see a screen, didn’t know macd’s had this wireless facility though, a useful thing to know, but hey, blogger, I have a useful voice on my computer, a useful screen reader, american, sadly, female, yes, useful, yes, need for barriers around the computer, no, just head phones poss, hahahahahaa

  3. You shouldn’t mock the parking for drive-thru – anyone who has a fussy child or husband (!) who wants to order a “plain cheeseburger” will understand the beauty of those reserved spaces where the serving staff can find you to deliver your off the menu item!!

  4. Alison,
    True but you’ve probably kicked off a whole theological debate on whether there should be gherkin or not in cheese burgers.
    Plus isn’t a plain cheeseburger a hamburger?

  5. there can be no debate, everyone knows how evil gerkins are, don’t go there, hahhaahhahaa, slightly more seriously though, what an opportunity, macd’s and wireless, why not hve our laptops in there, working on a talk or something, have some game son there, or access to a blog, ask young people their thoughts, get them involved in something, but in macd’s yes, aren’t we meant to be wher eyoung people are, what an oppportunity

  6. i went to a krystals the other day (another fast food burger joint with wi-fi) because they had their shades down. wouldn’t you know it once i started working an employee went around and opened up all the shades. so much for that

  7. personally can’t understand why anyone would go into a McD’s anyway…I always encourage my young people and students to go places where they are more ethical than McD’s…. I’ll stand back while people start ‘shouting’

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