10 Replies to “Vista Verification”

  1. What I found most surprising is that the test team for Vista were apparently reporting them as bugs! It is possible to get rid of them, but effectively it is totally off, or totally on, nothing in between.
    Incidentally, have you tried pressing the detail button on those dialogs – I’ve yet to see one where what it then shows you could really be described as useful…

  2. I bought the laptop yesterday whilst I could still get Xp easily enough… Vista Schmista it’s over-rated I’m afraid. Wish I could afford a Mac but… ah well.

  3. MacBooks come in Black too (with rumours of a Black iMac around too)… MacBook Pro’s are silver…
    Mac Mini – £399, iMac – £679, MacBook – £799, Diocesan Youth Officer turning up with a Pink Laptop – Priceless

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