Urban Saint (nee Crusaders) Camp

I’m going to be on team for a Crusader Camp in the Summer which is FAB! I’m off down to the New Forest with a swarm of 12-15’s (I’m not sure of the correct collective noun?) and am looking forward to it enormously. The only downer is I need to re-qualify as a Lifeguard and this is tricky because:
1. I’m 40
2. I cannot find any courses that run with sufficient notice to organise my diary around
3. I find swimming boring
4. The qualification takes a FULL-ON five and a half days
5. I’m 40 (did I mention that one?)

On the plus side though I’ve qualified quite a few times before and hence know what I’m doing. Sadly I have the knowledge rather than the physique, ho hum!
(BTW, If anyone has got any contacts for Lifeguard training schemes I’d love the info, Cru/CYFA no longer run one)

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