Thursday splurge

hard lines.jpgYouthblog would like to apologise for the poor service on the blog yesterday! Taking a tip from our train companies I shall adopt a ‘It’s not our fault’ type air and say that it was the wrong type of html on the lines AND remind customers that any posts under a day late are not actually late by our definition!*
Enough pseudo train-esque excuses: Lets board the 09:45 Christian Youthwork special:
1. John at Christinanzine asked if I could include a link to their Christian news, views and debate site! Job Done 🙂 2. Oakwood Youth Challenge, who I mentioned an age ago are now fully up and running with a mahoosive list of activities and a residential centre. The Centre is over near Bracknell so would be ideal for Berkshire youth groups to do day visits and the like. (BTW our next Network meeting of full timers will probably meet there). 3. Huntercombe Young Offenders Institute (again Berkshire) are looking to recruit a Christian Youth Worker to do two sunday mornings a month with the chaplaincy team. This is a paid role and ideally they are looking for some musical ability (more details from me). 4. Urban Saints (nee Crusaders) have a rather fine residential week for 10-14 yr olds called “Smallwood Again” running from Aug 4-11th, they are really short of female leaders and a cook team. If you can help them or make this need known, that would be fab! 5. Knowing how busy Youth workers are here’s your chance to swot up on all the films you missed with each one reduced to five seconds! ht to Tim
On the Scrounge:
I have 7 family services to write for the rapidly approaching Ski trip. Any Holy Week creative assemblies, preaches, ideas or resources would be HUGELY appreciated 🙂 Thanx

And finally …..

Superheroes mindful of the need to set an environmental example have been downsizing their cars. The fuel savings have also been very beneficial to the Bat-budget.
bat economy.jpg
* For non UK readers, our train companies do not class a train late unless it is delayed by more than an hour! (Whereas, I was once in Germany when someone from the station personally apologised to all the passengers because the ICE was 3 minutes late)

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  1. loving the car, am thinking that the other version of that car would look better decked out as the bat mobile tho. also loving the german train apollogy!! fusion has a centre in germany and running our foundations course on aussie timing with germans around is a bit of fun!!

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