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Regular readers of the blog (hi mum*) will know that Monday is often a splurge like post whereby all the news and info I’ve been sent ends up here just in case it’s useful to someone! Tradition also dictates that before I begin the earnest business of the notices I have to blather on about my weekend a bit!
(This is your cue to ask how my weekend was)
Oh, my weekend. Well, not much to tell really. Shopping for a Mothers day card,* Painting a bedroom, went out as a Family for the WORST meal in the world ever (big temptation to name and shame the pub involved), oh and finally got back on the racing bike and got some miles in. I also spent the entire weekend trying hard to ignore the Grove book deadline on Monday ….. *Darth Vadar type breathing* “Denial is strong in this one!”
Anyway, the totallity of ‘This n Thatness’ follows:
Soul Survivor have started a project called AOK Friday, AOK stands for ‘Acts of Kindness’ and there’ll be a new AOK every week on their Soul Action page. This coming Friday is COMIC RELIEF so you could maybe do your AOK by being silly and making people laugh (sounds like one of my normal days).
STREETBRAND is a new Faith-based Youth Culture magazine and they asked for a plug! Meanwhile over the other side of the pond, Jordy wanted a plug for their Prayer for Youth page. If you are noticing a “Can I have a plug” trend developing here then you are not going to be disappointed. Scott e-mailed me (and to be fair is probably sending me the book) and asked if I could mention, How to build a lasting Student Ministry!
If you’ve ever added Roy Hutchinson to your blog roll, please note that he is no longer blogging and outside of his control, some less than helpful web content is now occupying his old URL. He’s asked me to put a plea out to check your blogroll and remove that LINK if it’s still there.
In Oxford News: The new Bish’ gets inaugurated on June 8th and I’d love to take a Christian teenager along with me for them to be involved in the prayers during the service. If you know of a Christian teen involved in an Anglican church in the Diocese who’s got a loud clear voice and wouldn’t mind me writing a letter to their headmaster/mistress explaining why I need to spring them out of school for an afternoon, let me know eh!
Recruitment: A Church in Sandhurst are looking for a Youth Worker. Download file
Blog Wise: I’ve just deleted a couple of hundred bits of SPAM, I think one or two pieces of proper comment may have been flushed by mistake (oops), so if you have been discomblogulated, my apologies 🙂
And finally ……
My excuse for being off the pace with my cycling this weekend, it’s not me, it’s the bike:
trike de france2.jpg

*For the record, my Mum doesn’t read this blog (so much for family loyalty)

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  1. For those of us who are married and have kids, should mothers day be changed into just another wife’s day. Not suggesting at all that my wife doesn’t desre recognition but it is meant to be mohter’s day, and my wife gets recogntion more than just one day a year, but just in case anyone was worried, yes she will get a card and something, I enjoy lving too much not too.

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