A Sacrament of the Imagination

rev.jpg Listened to a Fab sermon on Revelation this morning that included this great quote:
[The book of Revelation]
“We could do without it; it tells us nothing we could not learn elsewhere in Scripture. But Jesus has given it to us as a sacrament of the imagination, to quicken the pulse and set the soul ablaze over the gospel which all too often we take for granted.” Michael Wilcock
I thought this was a great take on the last book of the Bible. It also amused me as it reminded me of an incident from our Church weekend away a few years back. We used to play ‘Just a Minute’ with one added extra dimension. You had to compete to speak for a minute without repetition, deviation, hesitation or HERESY! I was on the verge of bagging a round on Revelation and beating the vicar when I happended to say (under competitive pressure) that John, in his writing, was ‘out there with the fairies,’ prompting the vicar to leap in with an upheld charge of heresy, thus giving him the last few seconds, the points and the game! (I’m now largely over this wrongful accusation of heresy and the resulting crushing defeat)

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