Predicting the future

future2.jpg I have never been very good at predicting the future (and have no reason to think that in the future I will be better at it) but encouragingly lots of other people aren’t either. For evidence of this I shall cite Space 1999, or in fact any number of TV programmes that attempted to paint the future as they saw it!
But I have a futuring project to do! I have to present to the other trustees of Woolhope (Small residential centre in the country side that sleeps 21 people) a look at how changing Church or youthwork trends might impact it’s use for better or worse AND how it might need to change, or indeed close. At this time bookings are fine and it ticks along nicely but we are taking the chance to ask some questions:

> Does the small self catering centre have an ongoing role or not?
> What trends in Church and Christian Youthwork might affect this or require a change of emphasis?
> Are youth leaders looking more for bigger centres with everything laid on?

In fact no piece of trend analysis or residential reflection is outside the boundaries of this discussion.
So Grasshopper*, I need your wisdom please
*If you are not familiar with the Kung Fu TV series back in the day then this reference can be ignored

2 Replies to “Predicting the future”

  1. intersting…i think lots of leaders do want to go to an everything laid on setting where other people do the work…but there is a lot to be said for a place where a small group can go and ‘take it over’ not having to share with other people and groups.
    anyway is this part of the world a single group of more than 15 kids is the exception rather than the rule. Small groups need small places where they can really build relationships.

  2. IMHO, I think that there will defintiely be a need for this in the future. I see value in taking young people on large scale and smaller residentials, but there is something special about being in the middle of nowhere as a small group. Getting people to do the cooking etc is all part of the fun – everyone ends up mucking in together. Beign together in this way often means there are a few rough edges, which adds to its appeal. And – yep – I am going to use the ‘c’ word – it builds community! I personally think that there will be an increase in small group residentials, and poss a decrease in larger events in the future, although that is just a hunch. Was going to do a Research Project on it but changed my mind!

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