Blogus Interruptus

ski signsmallbrd.jpg I’m sorry to say that there will be no new posts here for the next two weeks with ‘normal?’ service not resuming until April 16th. Tomorrow night is that start of my international speaking tour! *Laughing* I actually get on a coach at 19:15 with 51 other people and we arrive in Switzerland at about 15:00 on Saturday. I’m the speaker, helping out in the kitchen and the Courier (in charge of not losing people at Motorway service stations), I’m (jokingly) claiming it as an international speaking tour as knowing me I’ll be talking all the way through France, Germany and Belguim en route 🙂 I’m looking forward to the ministry opportunity, seeing the mountains and getting in Some skiing, and bizzarely, the coach journey as I love trucking through Europe at night. Nice!
The second week of Easter will see me taking some R&R with the family (actually thinking about my 3 wonderful children ‘R&R with the family’ is probably a contradiction in terms) and hence I don’t plan on using the computer.
Ski leap bond.jpg
So, I wish you a reflective Holy Week, a celebratory Easter and for those as fortunate as my self in getting some time off, rest and refreshment. I’ll be back to daily posting on the 16th and in the meantime I HIGHLY recommend the good folk on the blog roll down the right hand side. Shalom

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