Monday Monday, sounds good to me

Official, Ian’s about to ramble warning!
Someone once said that Monday is a terrible way to spend one seventh of your life, but I’m not sure I agree, I like Mondays and have no desire to shoot the whole day down. The weekend as ever has Wooshed past themed by words such as playing, decorating, cleaning, preaching, cycling, preparing, washing, folding and reading, BUT now it’s Monday, alive with possibilities ……. and, inevitably, lists of things to do!
Currently: I’m finishing the preparation for “Can blogging serve youth ministry?” to deliver at the MATRIX conference. It’s going to be a workshop that launches from blogging but goes onto explore New Media and the possibilities it offers (as well as the risks). I’ll post the whole thing on the blog so there’s no need to actually come to the seminar 🙂
Talking of blogs: Aaaaaarrrrrrrghghghghggh, SPAMMERS! I’m getting hit with about 150 pieces of Spam a day and am more hacked off than a hacked off person that’s very hacked off. LEAVE Youthblog alone!
While I’m rambling: I was up in Oxford yesterday preaching at an experimental Cafe style Church service and thoroughly enjoyed myself. There was a great community feel to the Church and people had naturally mixed at the various tables, it was awesome to be part of such a great mix. We explored ‘Learning together’ by learning together and exploring Discipleship (which is essentially being a Learner eh!). The congregation were really up for participation. Fab!
And finally: Some of you know how much I struggle when I’m in the Office for more than an hour, could this be the answer for me ……….
tent office2.jpg
And finally Again: (I’ve noted that preachers often have two or more lots of ‘and finally’). If you are coming to the MATRIX conference I’ll see you there eh!

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  1. Tents an interesting idea but no view, needs to be higher up perhaps a table? Giving the opportunity to look out of the office window.

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