Matrix the Conference

weeme.JPGThe Matrix conference was ABSOLUTELY fab and remains my favourite gathering of Christian youth workers. The level of input, honesty, discussion and engagement has been awesome and it’s been so encouraging to chat with so many folk who have a radical Christ centred ministry among young people.
If you’ve popped into the Blog as a result of Matrix, Hi!
Re: MySpace etc
As promised I will upload all the stuff from my Workshops on Blogging, Social Networking and the like, but that will be tomorrow as I’m exhausted now (but in a good way)
Shalom 🙂

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  1. Hi! Yes, I have come to the blog as a result of the Matrix – which, by the way, I agree is a fab conference! Only one fault – we have to wait 2 years until the next one!!! Why can’t it be annually? 2 Years is far too long to wait!
    BTW, what’s the web site address for the Matrix?

  2. Beckey,
    Good to hear from you and to find you’ve popped into the blog. Saw your letter in Youthwork mag 🙂
    Matrix is every 2 years if I understand corectly it’s because the Baptist youth workers have a bi-annual conference and Matrix runs the years that it doesn’t.
    Matrix web site is here

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