The Matrix conference is proving to be enormous fun AND faith/thought provoking. I enjoyed (and was challenged by) James Lawrence of CPAS who delivered an incisive overview and framework for Christian Leadership. James wrote the ‘Growing leaders’ and the ‘Arrow’ leadership courses, significantly CPAS are now developing a new ‘Growing Leaders’ specifically for young people!
James used this video to illustrate a point this morning …….. ENJOY:

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  1. I think it was mainly for fun BUT it is important to know that jumping onto the beach in Poole Harbour wearing full combat gear is not a good idea!
    Actually I think it was about all the others that continued to jump in when it was obvious that it wasn’t a good idea

  2. Zac, I seem to remember the tag was something along hte lines of – “If you’re leading people,WHERE you’re going is important!”

  3. ahhh i see, i did wonder why they seemed to be having so much trouble, coz they were fine for the first couple of steps and then they were stuffed!! taking down the enemy by giving ’em the giggles =]

  4. James raised some further ideas in his work shop, I liked the idea of a blended life rather than balanced life which seems to make a whole load of sense to me.

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