How did you become a Christian?

cru broch.jpgI’m just filling in my CRB and application form in order to be a leader on an Urban Saints holiday in the summer. There are a whole bunch of questions including,
“How did you become a Christian?”
I think it’s too early in the morning for such a complex and technical theological question so I’ve just scribbled this as a response,
“I’m unsure of the full soteriological details but it definitely involved the work of the holy spirit!”
I’ve been much better behaved with the CRB form and have not put anything silly, not even listing ‘Mr Youthblog’ in the ‘other names you have been known by’ section 🙂 I don’t like forms ….. I think I should probably apologise right now to all the leaders I’ve ever made to fill out forms.

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  1. A much more gracious answer than I normally give to that question. I am probably being arrogant here, but I tend to think that if you’ve already filled in “Job Description: Church Youth Worker” you should be excused from needlessly repeating your testimony on every church form that comes out.*
    Got my Scripture Union form sent back to me last year for making exactly that point. Ended up tearing off a bit of my CV and stapling it to the form. As I say, you are more gracious than I (which means that in future I will cut and paste your answer onto any subsequent forms).
    *Actually, if your job description reads “Church Youth Worker” you should be excused from filling out any kind of form. Period. We’re just not very good at them.

  2. Oh I am so dissappointed that you didn’t say you were waaashed in the blooad of the laaamb.
    Any who I have to say the CofE in ordination applications is knocking socks of any number of forms I have ever filled in before and beleive me I avidly hate form filling like nothing else on this earth – even more than mushrooms!!!!!

  3. Diana, I’m with you on the forms but don’t dis Mushrooms 🙂
    Give us an example of a question from the ordination form ………….

  4. Please note that this page is now bookmarked in preparation for the next time we get some important form come down from Church House…

  5. When much younger, I worked with a friend on an annual summer camp who would photocopy more and more pages from the writings of Luther . After about 5 years of the same joke he stapled his application form into the front cover of the whole massive book. Strangely no one ever asked him abou this at interview.

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