Hot Fuzz

hf.jpgI went to see Hot Fuzz last night and for the most part thought it was brilliant. I haven’t seen Shaun of the Dead so I guess I’m playing catch up on this style of comedy but the graphic ‘comic’ horror violence took me a bit by surprise and I’m not sure I was entirely comfortable with it, BUT I guess the squirm factor is one of the films deliberate aims.
Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were absolutely outstanding and had an amazing cast of actors backing them up. The story as it unfolds melds reality and implausibility brilliantly, the writing is great. The film is an odd mix of laughter, absurdity and genuinely touching moments, it has a great storyline that evolves (or descends) into an extraordinary ending with the film gathering pace all the way. It’s strange but compelling!
Violent: Yes
Bad Language: Yes
But overall a thumbs up for Ealing Comedy meets Horror wrapped up in Theatre of the Absurd.

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  1. i was dragged along with my nephew thinking ai wouldn’t enjoy it but found it very funny, few squirmy bits though i agree …. and why do all british films have to have so much bad language?

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