Dynamic and Enthusiastic

I was just listening to the radio and heard of a School that was trying to recruit a new teacher but had their advert returned by the Local Education Authority. The advert was censured for containing the words ‘dynamic’ and ‘enthusiastic’ which, in the view of the Authority, were words that could be considered Ageist.
I disagree that these are ageist terms and I also got to thinking about us as Christian Leaders. My view is that we should all by Dynamic and Enthusiastic regardless of age. I may be playing with etymology here but stay with me.
Enthusiasm is at root, ‘entheos’ meaning to have God in you or to be in God. Enthusiasm flows out of being centred in God, ergo ALL Christians should be enthusiastic. The word Dynamic is also interesting, its root is ‘Dunamis’ (Power). Romans 1:16 tells us that the Gospel is the power (dunamis) of God for the salvation of everyone that believes while Eph 1:19 says that this is the ‘dunamis’ at work in us. My thesis being that this should have an internal and external effect in our lives, an outflowing dynamic that co-exists with enthusiasm.

This was my thought process on the way to work this morning, it’s not a complete piece of work but I’ll lob it into the blogosphere anyway. (Just to be clear though I am not saying (or experimenting with) the idea that all Christian leaders need to be extroverts, FAR FAR from it, but I think Godliness does lead both to a dynamic and enthusiasm)

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  1. without any shadow of a doubt the christian leader should be both dynamic and enthusiastic, but I would argue that there is a time of day for both, and first thing in the morning is not a time for massive levels of enthusiasm, quiet reflection over breakfast, contemplation fo the day ahead and then flows dynmism.

  2. Andy,
    There’s quite a bit of stuff on the internet about people who are enthusiastic TOO early in the morning. But I think enthusiasm is a spark, an energy, a passion and not necessarily the overly hyper annoyingly loud thing. I’m 100% with you on the reflection, prayer and quiet 🙂

  3. Without a doubt, enthusiasm is a spark, and that spark can also be infectious to young people, no argument there, just having my normal gripe about people to lively in the monring when I am really a later at night person, and not at my best first thing, not saying enthusaiasm isn’t there, it just hasn’t got up yet, and hose who are a morning person, well questions have to arise as to the whereabouts of their salvation, hahahahahahaa

  4. Andy,
    This may be a good point for me to apologize for being way too loud over the communal breakfast table at the Matrix conference 🙂
    I’m a mornings and evening/night person. I’m not good at afternoons, I get sleepy and de-motivated.

  5. Talking of adverts I read an article in YouthWork April issue called ‘Permission to fail’ there is a job description in the article which made me laugh ‘Our church is seeking a dynamic,energetic,creative,musical youth leader to transform the youth of our city.The successful applicant will be gifted,evangelist,worship leader, who can disciple the young people in the church, develop projects to meet the needs of the young people in the community and facilitate after school clubs. They will play an active role on the Church leadership team and in the wider community…………NO PRESSURE THEN!

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