Do blogs distract from work?

Today I’m conducting some research into how much of a distraction this blog is from doing the Youth work related stuff you are supposed to be doing! Please let me know how long you spent here today 🙂
(If you are picking this up via a reader you’ll miss the distracting nonsense below and hence the excuse for the ‘research’ )

15 Replies to “Do blogs distract from work?”

  1. only 2 mins!
    i use bloglines rss feed reader for all the blogg stuff. i get to filter the duff bits and flag the interesting ones for later reading!

  2. Miz, I fear you took my ‘research’ rather more seriously than intended AND WHAT’s MORE failed to fall into my Games-from-the-80’s trap. Dagnabbit, Foiled again!

  3. An interesting question if it’s a theological or philosophical one!
    However if it’s literally, “who are you?” just click on the ‘about’ link on the sidebar 🙂

  4. ive only just found this at 11pm but had i found it at work, for uh, research purposes i think i can safely say i would have spent a while here ;p

  5. I’m using Google Reader here – so didn’t find the distraction until now when I’m at home. Even then I’m writing the Communications and IT report for the PCC rather than playing!

  6. Yes…I confess…blogs are stealing my life!!
    Okay, they could, but for me the deal is that i get to know who is worth going back to and mostly stick to them or links they point up
    anyway…i’m reseaching!!

  7. Never mind how long we spend reading them, how long does the blog take from the blogger? And how much youthowrk does he nt do by spending on this blog? I always find blogs useful, a kind of quiet time, reflective time,thought provoker maybe, this one and others. always give myself a little time to look throgh things on blogs and sites so I can gind things to reflect on think about, as well as writng my own coule fo blogs for workers and young people. And hey I also escaped the games trap, hurrah for me, feeling better about myself now.

  8. 2 minutes reading the blog – 5 minutes reading the responses – 10 minutes reflecting what it must be like to be a full time Christian Youth Worker!

  9. wow, that long reflecting on what it means to be a full time comitted youth worker, you are truly committed in heart, humbled me!

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