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Was gobsmacked to read this as a headline yesterday, ‘Cannabis, an Apology’ from the Independent (It was them that led the campaign for it to be de-criminalized 10 years ago). The evidence of the dangers have been growing for a while but I thought devoting the front page to an apology and a warning was a great piece of journalism. Well worth a read!

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  1. I too read the article in the Indepedent on Sunday and I thought it was excellent.Very brave to admit that they got it wrong.Also the Sunday Reveiw devoted to mental health is well worth a read……..about time mental health was promoted as an important ‘health’ issue.Scandalously underfunded in my veiw.

  2. Yes, the IoS did well.
    BTW… cannabis rallies in Hyde Park, dotcoms, May Day activity, public rejoicing at Blair’s accession, climate change and militant Islamism barely on the radar… how different the sociopolitical whole landscape looks now compared to 1997.

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