Blogus Interruptus

ski signsmallbrd.jpg I’m sorry to say that there will be no new posts here for the next two weeks with ‘normal?’ service not resuming until April 16th. Tomorrow night is that start of my international speaking tour! *Laughing* I actually get on a coach at 19:15 with 51 other people and we arrive in Switzerland at about 15:00 on Saturday. I’m the speaker, helping out in the kitchen and the Courier (in charge of not losing people at Motorway service stations), I’m (jokingly) claiming it as an international speaking tour as knowing me I’ll be talking all the way through France, Germany and Belguim en route 🙂 I’m looking forward to the ministry opportunity, seeing the mountains and getting in Some skiing, and bizzarely, the coach journey as I love trucking through Europe at night. Nice!
The second week of Easter will see me taking some R&R with the family (actually thinking about my 3 wonderful children ‘R&R with the family’ is probably a contradiction in terms) and hence I don’t plan on using the computer.
Ski leap bond.jpg
So, I wish you a reflective Holy Week, a celebratory Easter and for those as fortunate as my self in getting some time off, rest and refreshment. I’ll be back to daily posting on the 16th and in the meantime I HIGHLY recommend the good folk on the blog roll down the right hand side. Shalom

Cheesy but made me Smile

Stephen the Vicar sent me this mathematical model of giving 101% (click on continue reading), it’s kind of cheesy but made me smile. It also fits (a little) with the previous post.
(It also proves numbers can be moulded and that somebody with a calculator had WAY too much time on their hands)

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Dynamic and Enthusiastic

I was just listening to the radio and heard of a School that was trying to recruit a new teacher but had their advert returned by the Local Education Authority. The advert was censured for containing the words ‘dynamic’ and ‘enthusiastic’ which, in the view of the Authority, were words that could be considered Ageist.
I disagree that these are ageist terms and I also got to thinking about us as Christian Leaders. My view is that we should all by Dynamic and Enthusiastic regardless of age. I may be playing with etymology here but stay with me.
Enthusiasm is at root, ‘entheos’ meaning to have God in you or to be in God. Enthusiasm flows out of being centred in God, ergo ALL Christians should be enthusiastic. The word Dynamic is also interesting, its root is ‘Dunamis’ (Power). Romans 1:16 tells us that the Gospel is the power (dunamis) of God for the salvation of everyone that believes while Eph 1:19 says that this is the ‘dunamis’ at work in us. My thesis being that this should have an internal and external effect in our lives, an outflowing dynamic that co-exists with enthusiasm.

This was my thought process on the way to work this morning, it’s not a complete piece of work but I’ll lob it into the blogosphere anyway. (Just to be clear though I am not saying (or experimenting with) the idea that all Christian leaders need to be extroverts, FAR FAR from it, but I think Godliness does lead both to a dynamic and enthusiasm)

How did you become a Christian?

cru broch.jpgI’m just filling in my CRB and application form in order to be a leader on an Urban Saints holiday in the summer. There are a whole bunch of questions including,
“How did you become a Christian?”
I think it’s too early in the morning for such a complex and technical theological question so I’ve just scribbled this as a response,
“I’m unsure of the full soteriological details but it definitely involved the work of the holy spirit!”
I’ve been much better behaved with the CRB form and have not put anything silly, not even listing ‘Mr Youthblog’ in the ‘other names you have been known by’ section 🙂 I don’t like forms ….. I think I should probably apologise right now to all the leaders I’ve ever made to fill out forms.

God Tube

Just to let you know that GodTube has just popped onto my radar screen. It’s exactly what it says: YouTube, the Christian variety. Not wishing to get into a debate here about how often Christians feel the need to re-create something in their own image, so I’m not going to 🙂 I think GodTube will be useful for me though when I want to be able to circulate or host videos that make no sense outside of their specific context.
It doesn’t officially go live until May 1st but it is up and running.
Hear Chris Wyatt talk about why he set up GodTube

A Sacrament of the Imagination

rev.jpg Listened to a Fab sermon on Revelation this morning that included this great quote:
[The book of Revelation]
“We could do without it; it tells us nothing we could not learn elsewhere in Scripture. But Jesus has given it to us as a sacrament of the imagination, to quicken the pulse and set the soul ablaze over the gospel which all too often we take for granted.” Michael Wilcock
I thought this was a great take on the last book of the Bible. It also amused me as it reminded me of an incident from our Church weekend away a few years back. We used to play ‘Just a Minute’ with one added extra dimension. You had to compete to speak for a minute without repetition, deviation, hesitation or HERESY! I was on the verge of bagging a round on Revelation and beating the vicar when I happended to say (under competitive pressure) that John, in his writing, was ‘out there with the fairies,’ prompting the vicar to leap in with an upheld charge of heresy, thus giving him the last few seconds, the points and the game! (I’m now largely over this wrongful accusation of heresy and the resulting crushing defeat)