4 Replies to “Youth workers in Schools”

  1. Interesting, but slightly limited overview. Like a lot of articles birthed in the state sector, it tends to assume that all youth workers are employed by local government. No mention of churches, other faith groups, or indeed any part of the voluntary sector whatsoever in that article.

  2. I agree it is a limited overview. But I think the delivering of sexual,drug and emotional well being should be done by youth workers.Is there the space to build relationships in schools?!.
    If only all schools had the funding.
    Definitions are fascinating.’Youth Worker’ to me includes everyone working with young people,church,charity,volunteers,and yes the state sector.

  3. I entirely agree with you, Pat. Just to clarify, ‘Youth Worker’ to me means the same as it does to you. My point was that the only examples cited by the article were Youth Workers working for local government.

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